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*PC/104 Moduels
.PC/104  CPU    Moduels
*ISA & PCI   Moduels
.CompactPCI CPU card 
.Full size CPU card
.Half size CPU card
*All-in-one Single CPU board
.3.5"single board computer
.5.25"single board computer
.ETX single board computer

.Network SBC computer

.POS single board computer
.IP digital media center
*Industrial  Chassis
.CompactPCI chassis
.Rack-mounted chassis
.Wall-mounted chassis
.Industrial backplane
.Industrial power/peripheral
.I/O Card
.Communication card 
*Risc Computer Mainboard
.ARM series
*Industrial PC
.All-in-one  workstation
.Flat computer
.Portable computer


.High Power Modules

.SMD Modules

.Cup Lights

.Flood Lights

.Wall-Washing Lights

.Solar-Charged Lights


                                         High Power Modules :    HC-1LR-30W


  HC-1LR-30X (W,R,A,G,B,X)  
HCHP-36 (Power Model)  
    (X = White, Red, Amber, Green, Blue color)            


High Power Module is designed as a super bright illumination, ideal for main lighting source for logo & sign-making, advertising

and construction decoration to provide saturated and even color tones.

High Power Module is a single color LED Channel Letter Module. White, Warm White, Red, Amber, Green and Blue colors are all

currently available. Color coded module for easy identification. All colors use the same 320mA HCHP 36 Power Supply.

Environment-friendly and economical at cost, its color is penetrating and concentrated at night; 140 o beaming angles gives

High Power Module a higher color-covering area and evener color.



Brightest!  Most Consistent Lights!

Each High Power Module can emit as much light (lumens) as 20 pieces of regular LED modules! This completely solves the dimness in channel letter lighting that results from regular white LEDs!

  (The integrating sphere test result shows that the 1W High-Power LED Module can emit 8-20 times more light (lumens) than a regular LED module .)



Unsurpassed thermal management & packaging technology!

Ambient temperature is less than 25 ? !

The unsurpassed thermal management and packaging technology are specially applied to ensure High Power Module performance.



Longest lifetime & least light failure !

The longest lifetime and the least light failure are High Power Module's irreplaceable merits! We guarantees the light failure from High Power Module to be less than 35% in a 5 years period.



Most endurance in harsh environments!

All metal closed shell ! Waterproof design with a feature of IP66 !

Passed a series of strict testing in moisture, temperature, physical shock, liquid, vapor, and dust along with other corrosive substances !

It can work in the water at a 1 meter depth. Its wires are silica gel material which is highly flexible and durable in harsh environments.



Genuine constant current system!

The current driving through every piece of High Power Module in system is strictly identical. Anti-static and constant

current technology is specially applied to ensure High Power Module performance. Constant current 320mA

also let High Power Module gives off less heat and consume less power, making it easier to choose accessories

 and to fit in various applications.

The highest level of light consistency and the highest level of uniformity in light failure.



Easy Installation!

High Power Module features a small body and easy installation to fit in corners and narrow spaces. Its installation cannot

be simpler due to its special pedestal design C it can be simply glued on with attached 3M VHB Double-Sided Tape on the

back of modules or be easily screwed on.



Signal, Architechture, General Lighting, Corporate Image, Spectacular