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*PC/104 Moduels
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*ISA & PCI   Moduels
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.Full size CPU card
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*All-in-one Single CPU board
.3.5"single board computer
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.ETX single board computer

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.Wall-Washing Lights

.Solar-Charged Lights


                                                                           MR 16 Cup Lights


Price:     LAMINA-5X (5W)(W,R,A,G,B,X)      
      HBM-3X (3W)(W,R,A,G,B,X)      
      HBG-3X(GU10) (3W)(W,R,A,G,B,X)      
      HBM-1 (1W)       
      (X = White, Red, Amber, Green, Blue color)      




Cup Lights : MR16, MR11, MR14, MR17, HRE27, GU10, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38.
Bulbs :        Ø50,  Ø60,  Ø80,  Ø100,  Ø120.


The illumination effect has surpassed that of the 35w Metal Halide cup light.

The smallest 3w LED cup light in the market !

A number of 1w LED cup lights have recently emerged in the markets. However, their illumination effect is far dimmer than that of the traditional 35w Metal Halide cup light. Some companies' new 3w LED cup lights came with over-sized bodies, which exceeded the standard size, in order to deal with the overheating problem, making them incapable of fitting into most traditional lighting accessories.

Our proprietary advanced thermal management and packaging technology are specially applied to ensure that the illumination effect of HISUN ® 3w LED Cup Light, with a standard MR16 size body, highly surpasses that of the traditional 35w Metal Halide cup light.

(1) The body of HISUN ® 3w LED Cup Light is made from a special alloy material that gives off less heat, e nsuring HISUN ® 3w LED Cup Light with the least light failure and the longest lifetime;

(2) using optical grade PMMA high efficiency lens and high efficiency reflector generate high illumination efficiency and high luminous intensity;

(3) less power c onsuming, environment-friendly and economical at cost ; has low voltage and an easy control;

(4) color range: signal color or 16,700,000 RGB mixed colors;

(5) temperature: environment : C20<C to 40<C, surface: <75<C

(6) humidity: 0-95% , no coagulating humidity;

(7) lifetime: 100,000 hours ;

(8) applications: fit in various applications such as ceiling lights, tracking lights, wall lights, etc.


(1) Bars, ballrooms, KTV rooms, entertainment locations, etc.;

(2) hotels, restaurants, lounges, etc.;

(3) museums, galleries, showrooms, exhibitions, etc.;

(4) jewelry stores, cosmetic shop-windows, etc.;

(5) The particular areas where low voltage and secure illumination lights are needed, such as mining lights and       

     airport parking apron lights etc.