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*PC/104 Moduels
.PC/104  CPU    Moduels
*ISA & PCI   Moduels
.CompactPCI CPU card 
.Full size CPU card
.Half size CPU card
*All-in-one Single CPU board
.3.5"single board computer
.5.25"single board computer
.ETX single board computer

.Network SBC computer

.POS single board computer
.IP digital media center
*Industrial  Chassis
.CompactPCI chassis
.Rack-mounted chassis
.Wall-mounted chassis
.Industrial backplane
.Industrial power/peripheral
.I/O Card
.Communication card 
*Risc Computer Mainboard
.ARM series
*Industrial PC
.All-in-one  workstation
.Flat computer
.Portable computer


.High Power Modules

.SMD Modules

.Cup Lights

.Flood Lights

.Wall-Washing Lights

.Solar-Charged Lights



Isolated Digital Input Module
Digital Input

  Channels: 8
.6 fully independent isolated channels
.2 isolated channels with common ground
  Switching Levels: .Low (0): +1V (max.)
.High (1): +3.5V~30V
.Pull-up Current: 0.5mA
.Isolated Voltage: 5,000 Vrms
  Requirement: unregulated +10V to +30Vdc
  Power Consumption: 0.35W



Digital I/O Module
Digital Input

  Channels: 7
  Switching Level: Low (0): +1V max ; High (1): +3.5V~+30V
  Pull-up Current: 0.5mA
Digital Output
  Channels: 8
  Open collector to 30V
  30mA max. Load
  Requirement: unregulated +10V to +30VDC
  Power Consumption: 0.4Wtypical