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*PC/104 Moduels
.PC/104  CPU    Moduels
*ISA & PCI   Moduels
.CompactPCI CPU card 
.Full size CPU card
.Half size CPU card
*All-in-one Single CPU board
.3.5"single board computer
.5.25"single board computer
.ETX single board computer

.Network SBC computer

.POS single board computer
.IP digital media center
*Industrial  Chassis
.CompactPCI chassis
.Rack-mounted chassis
.Wall-mounted chassis
.Industrial backplane
.Industrial power/peripheral
.I/O Card
.Communication card 
*Risc Computer Mainboard
.ARM series
*Industrial PC
.All-in-one  workstation
.Flat computer
.Portable computer


.High Power Modules

.SMD Modules

.Cup Lights

.Flood Lights

.Wall-Washing Lights

.Solar-Charged Lights

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Four Serial Ports Server


NET-4COM carries out the TCP/IP to RS-232/RS-485 conversion, it is able to easily interface the serial devices to Internet/Intranet and is specially designed for Internet/Intranet based remote control and monitor.

NET-4COM provides four serial communication ports which are independently set and used and support from 150Bps to 115200 Bps transfer rate. One of these four ports supports both RS-232 and RS-485 modes.

NET-4COM provides Windows NT/2000 local serial port driver which is able to treat the NET-4COM serial port as the local serial port. It is compatible with binary software used before and need no modification. It can also work with MSCOMM serial ports controls of Microsoft.

NET-4COM provides LCD display, embedded menu,


10/100M adaptive Ethernet access
Support TCP/IP£¬ARP£¬ICMP protocol
Four RS-232 serial ports, support from 150Bps to
115200Bps baud rate
The fourth serial port support both RS-232/RS-485
£¨auto transfer direction control£©
LCD display, embedded configuration program
WindowsNT/2000 local serial port driver
Power/operation, network connection, network act-
ivity, etc. status indication