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reinforced bracket-mounted industrial chassis


IPC-880 is a 19" reinforced bracket-mounted PC/AT industrial chassis, it can be used in industrial application system. This unit is able to contain a 14-slot PC/AT bus passive backplane or a 270W power supply. Two filtered cooling-fan is used to maintain the positive air circulation. It is able to used in industrial automation, post telecommunication, CTI, traffic monitor, power production and monitor, etc.

configuationL Heavy duty steel
Disk driver bracet: provide 3 3.5" HDD, one 3.5" FDD, two 5.25" CD-ROM space
Cooling fan: one cooling fan with air filter
Controller: power switch and reset button
Keyboard interface: Pre-wired 5pin Din interface on the front and back panel
Dimensions: (W x H x D)482 x 177 x 452 mm (19" x 7" x 17.8")
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50C (32 ~ 122F)
Relative humidity: 5.95% @ 40C, non condensing

IPC-880 endures environment limit such as shock, vibration, high temperature and electromagnetic disturbance. It support 14-slot ISA or ISA/PCI backboard and provide with 3 3.5" HDD, one 3.5" FDD, two 5.25" CD-ROM space, one cooling fan with air filter. It configures with EMI slice to obtain the best electromagnetic disturbance ability.

Power supply type:

  • PS-270A
  • Max output270 W
  • Input110Vac(80v? 132v) 220 VAC180? 264v
  • Output voltage +5 V @ 26 A +12 V @10 A -5 V @ 1A -12 V @1 A
  • MTBF250,000 hours
Backplane type:
  • IPC-6113LP4 slot (ISA/PCI/CPU)7 / 4 / 2
  • IPC6114P4 slot (ISA/PCI/CPU)9 / 4 / 1
  • IPC- 6114P7 slot (ISA/PCI/CPU)6 / 7 / 1
  • IPC-6114P10 slot (ISA/PCI/CPU)3 / 10 / 1
  • IPC-6114P12 slot (ISA/PCI/CPU)1 / 12 / 2
  • IPC6114 slot 14 ISA slot