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                                                           IP digital media center platform

                                               STB-1611CVDNA                                   $ 352


  • Introduction

IP Set-Top Box platform with733MHz CPU and VGA/SSD/LAN/Audio/TV



  • Features

¡ùAdopts special loosing heat design,without fans the whole
¡ù10/100Mbps broad band interface
¡ùSupports kinds of video out format,high definition TV out 480p,720p,1080i
¡ùLCD/CRT display controller£¬support 18bit TFT display
¡ùAC97 2.2 criterion hsrdware coder
¡ùStay power :less than 2W
¡ùATX power criterion interface,PnP


  • Specifications

¡úBus type:£º 170mm * 170mm single board onfiguration
¡úProcessor£º Low-power Low Voltage Intel® Celeron®733MHz CPU¡£Power is only 11.2W TDP (max)
¡úSystem Chipset£º815E£¨GMCH£©£¬Intel 82801BA£¨ICH2£©¡£
¡úSystem Memory£ºOne 168-pin PC100/PC133 DIMM memory, support up to 512MB
¡úBIOS £º AMI Modular BIOS Ver 7.0 PnP BIOS
¡úOn-board video£ºHigh-powered 2D/3D/DirectX graphic controller£¬adopts D.V.M.T.£¨dynamic display memory technogely£© and ºÍshared system memory
¡úOn-board LAN£ºSingle 10/100Base-T Ethernet controller,RJ-45 interface
¡úAudio interface£ºSupport AC97 Ver 2.2 sound coder
¡úTV interface£º Composite(compound video)¡¢S-Video£¨S port£©¡¢YprPb£¨devided video£©
According with hereinafter video industry criterion£º

ITU-R 624
480p (HD)
720p (HD)
1080i (HD)

¡úSupport all in common used graphics mode£º
     ¡ñLeast 640 X 480
     ¡ñ Most 1280 X 1024£¨SXGA£©
     ¡ñ Automated synchronization renovation lenosity up to 152Hz
Support kinds of video out format
     ¡ñ PAL-M, PAL-N, PAL-60
     ¡ñ Composite, S-Video
     ¡ñ HD YprPb
     ¡ñ SD YprPb
     ¡ñ 100Hz Progressive
¡úHigh definition and progressive TV out 480p,720p,1080i
¡úIDE controller£º Single ATA33/66/100 IDE interface£¨standard 44Pin 2.0MM box-type neilsbed£©£¬can use to be insert DOM or connect other IDE devices via special cable
¡úMulti I/O interface£ºFour USB, one RS-232, TTL serial interface, one PS/2 keyboard and one PS/2 mouse interface
¡úSolid disk interface£ºCan connects CompactFlash electron disk£¨shoppable£©
¡úWatchdog timer£º1-255 seconf or 1-255 minute£¬255 level£¬time-out interrupt or system reset programmable
¡úHardware Monitoring£ºdetect CPU and temperature of chassis
¡úExpansion bus£º One PCI bus expansion slot,one MINPCI socket£¨shoppable£©
¡úPower£º Supply ACPI power management criterion
¡úDimension £º 170mm x 170mm
¡úOperation Temperature£º 0¡ãC¨D 50¡ãC
¡úRelative Humidity£º5% - 95%, non-condensing