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                                                      Model:     104-1541CLDN

  • Introduction

PC/104 GX Single board computer, with CPU and LCD/CRT/SSD/LAN

104-1541CLDNA is the first all in one embedded industrial motherboard on 96mm X 90mm compact board. On-board feathers include low power consumption GX CPU, CRT/LCD control, 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface, Compactflash disk-on-chip, IDE,FDD, two serial ports and one parallel port, two USB, IrDA interface, 256 level watchdog timer, A PC/104 expansion connector is provided as well

As this board introduced the latest low power BGA package CPU. It has extra wide operation range from -20C to 65C. This board has excellent operation performance to eliminate the system malfunction due to the cooling fan problem. On board LCD supports TFT LCD display, resolution from 640x480, 800x600 to 1024x768.

104-1541CLDN, with the extraordinary fuctions and wide operation temperature, is the industrial total solution for many embedded fields of info facilities, instrument and meter, multimedia inquiry, intelligent products, etc.


  • Features

NX GX1 low-power CPU, on-board

-20C -- 65C extra wide operation range

LCD/CRT display controller, support 18bit TFT display 10/100Mbps PCI Ethernet interface

Single +5V power suppply


  • Specifications

Contruction: PC/104 Single board construction

Processor: On-board enhanced low power consumptions GX CPU 200MHz ~ 300MHz, able to operated without fan

Chipset: NS CS5530A

System memory: 144-pin SD-DIMM support up to 128M SDRAM


On-board display: NS CX5530A chipset 1.5 ~ 4MB shared memory, shared memory, support CRT and 18bit TFT LCD display simultaneously Resolution up to 1024x768x24bpp, 1280x1024x8bpp LCD TFT resolution up to 1280x1024x18bpp.

On board LAN Realtek: TRL8139C 10/100bps network controller

IDE controller: One Ultra33 channel, support two EIDE devices

USB interface: Two USB interfaces

Mult I/O interface: W83977 I/O interface chip, one FDD interface, one paralle port two RS-232, one PS/2 K/M interface, one 115kbps IrDA interface

Solid State Disk Interface: Compact Flash Disk-On-Chip

Watchdog timer: 16 level programmable, 0~255s/m

Expansion bus: PC/104

Power supply: +5V single power supply

Dimension: 96x90mm

Operation temperature: -20C--65C

Humidity: 5% ~ 90% non-condensing